• Depth: 23 m
  • Shot: 2400 m2
  • Execution time: 2019-05-07
  • Execution length: 8 Week
  • Drilling length: 5200 m
  • Stabilization method: Nilling
Project description

The project was located in a sandy clay site with moderate adhesion between the soil grains and the groundwater level is lower than the bottom floor level. The north side of the project was adjacent to the Resalat Highway, which was the main challenge for the project due to the location of the urban subway tunnel at a depth of 2 meters and 2 meters from the north wall of the project.

Finally, urban metro tunnel location maps were consulted by design experts at Durable Soil Corporation, and due to the distance and depth of tunnel placement, the lengths of Anchor and Nile reinforcers were designed so that permissible deformations on the sides were achieved. North supplied.

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